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Feeling stuck, anxious and in need of clarity to live your best life?

I have known Chris for some time, but only recently asked for Chris's structured help in working through some major blockages and guide me to do some real tough work on my mind, body and soul.

Chris has the ability to gently guide you to look deep within and tap into your real soul and desires.

She gives you really practical and life changing tools to help you on your journey too. From spiritual awakening to unlocking your inner voice and child and releasing old hurt and patterns, Chris is your go to person.

I am only at the beginning of this journey and I already feel the amazing impact of having Chris there to guide me. Reach out to Chris - I promise it will be the best investment of your time and the biggest gift you can give yourself.

 K S  May 2020

All I can say is Christine is such a genuine, caring and truly lovely person. Her distance healing has taken me to where I am today. It made me more confident focused and made me believe in myself. I have been through many tough times in the passed, well they felt tough to me and each time Christine has calmed me with her healing powers. I would highly recommend her to anyone, male or female, all ages and for whatever reasons we need that little bit of help and healing.


Christine is an amazing being of light, she has brought me out of the darkest moments back into the light. I now have my health and well -being back xxx


Marion Barry UK

My Joints were no longer painful after the session,

my cyst stopped hurting

and reduced to  a third of the size, now appears to be gone - Amazing thank you!

Jenny UK

Christine is an incredible healer. I’ve known Christine for many years and she has helped all of my family and friends with various ailments.

Her distance healing is hard to understand but her spiritual energy has relieved pain not just for me.

I recommend everyone to try Christine's services whatever they are struggling with.

Pam Bates UK

Hi Christine,
I just wanted to thank you if you are still trying to help my leg to heal - it is slowly getting better and I have just started to run a little bit.


Christine is an amazing healer.

I have been suffering from both physical and emotional issues for the last eighteen months, and the help, guidance and support I have received from and via Christine remotely has been phenomenal - and has helped me deal with, and recover from, my life situations phenomenally well, too. Christine listens carefully with loving intuition and deep spirituality, offering emotional and practical guidance that is beyond synchronicity. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough.


RES, Manchester, UK.

I've known Christine for several years now and I would highly recommend her if you are someone struggling with life or past traumas like myself. Its an intense healing process but worth every session as each one is different whether it be tranquil and peaceful or spiritually challenging words can't describe how you feel, it's an experience and journey to be had in person. Thank you Christine for all the healing!

Erica Salomone, Italy

Have to admit I was a little sceptical  and really wasn't sure what to expect when I agreed to take part in a session (me in UK and my therapist in Italy) but loved it! The overarching feeling was one of complete relaxation.  I also felt extreme tingling in various parts of my body and  a  concentrated heat coming down through my crown chakra at time. In follow up sessions I experienced vivid light patterns too. All in all I have found this really beneficial. Thanks Christine!

Tracey UK

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