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About Christine

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Christine Williams

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Energy Healing
Listen to my handmade Tibetan Bowls -
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Meet Christine
Awaken your Heart, to another world of healing!

We have all incarnated as amazing beings; that sounds great does it not!

Life is not just about an existence; it is about loving the life you live. Change begins with yourself, now is an excellent time to choose to transform your life, light up your world and live the

life you love.

My objective is to help you obtain Optimum Health, Spiritual Wealth and Happiness  using Ancient Wisdom, along with information, energy & high frequencies from other universal realms. I like to work with the Intuitive knowingness and love for life which comes from my heart.

We all want to feel good and have plenty of energy to enjoy life. However situations and challenges sometimes create stress at home as well as in the workplace, this can take a heavy toll on our physical and emotional health, thus recognized as a major threat to our wellbeing.


During a healing session (Distance or In Person) you allow yourself to receive new multidimensional high-level frequencies of cosmic light, which have been proven to have an amazing power to heal even life-threatening illnesses.

These extraordinary energies work on treating the cause as well as the symptom of the illness; enabling the body to re-align, retune, relax and renew on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels as well as eliminating harmful toxins.

Most people find they also start to have a greater awareness of “who” they are and what their soul purpose is during this lifetime.

Over the years I am very grateful to have helped many people of all ages who have had all kinds of health challenges.

I am based in San Ginesio and offer distance Healing sessions & online Transformational workshops using advanced healing techniques along with ancient wisdom.

About Christine
Having worked for a long time with Ancient Healing practices, Christine was also a Reiki Master/Teacher for

18 years.

She is very grateful for the time spent travelling to different countries experiencing amazing spiritual energy; this  brought about a much deeper level of spiritual awareness and understanding about what our life purpose is. 

After training as a Holistic Therapist, Sports/ Physical Therapist & Beauty Therapist she went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Reflexology,

Magnetic Healing, Pyramid Soul Healing, Crystal Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Melchizedek Healing, Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Mediumship, 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and Universal Spheres.


Christine offers Remote Healing sessions online. It is also possible for her to send Remote Healing from a photograph or using the name of a person.

Online One to One Transformational workshops are available at present. Retreats and group workshops will be available again in the future.

As a child, Christine always felt and experienced a strong connection with a powerful source of energy, which could only be explained as the key, a gateway to our being. 

Her grandmother lived off natural remedies and never needed to see a doctor; believing in all that was pure and from mother earth, as so was the light.


For further information please contact Christine:



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