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Discover your Book of Life and how the divine messages can allow a window of opportunity to open; allowing you to create another chapter, as well as being able to write a new story. 


If anyone is facing a big decision or looking for an insight for a specific situation, a Life, Essence & Soul reading can give guidance to facilitate the best & highest outcome in all aspects of your life.


Guides, Masters, Angels and ancestors are all part of the Divine Oneness; as are we the souls having an experience of life in a human body. When we ask for their assistance, they are always ready and willing to help us make the right choices.


All the cards used for readings are filled with pure blessings from the higher realms.


When you agree to a Life, Essence & Soul reading I can concentrate on family, work, health personal challenges or just a general life purpose reading.


You might choose to indulge yourself, a friend, or a loved one in the Sacred Soul package, comprising of both:

  • A life-changing Life, Body & Soul reading

  • A Remote Ancient Wisdom & Spiritual Healing Session aimed at aligning and introducing new multidimensional healing frequencies tailored to address challenges in family, work, health, or personal aspects of life.


My clients have discovered that once they identify the correct path, they can easily and gracefully move beyond any limitations.


Transformational Life, Body & Soul Reading:

30 minutes - 50 euros

1 hr - 80 euros

Quantum healing Package

3 x 1 hr in person or on-line Transformational healing sessions - 199 euros

6 x 1 hr in person or on-line Transformational healing sessions - 333 euros

Explore the divine messages & Healing frequencies  that are eagerly waiting your attention.
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Disclaimer:  In accordance with the law in some countries, It is a legal requirement that I provide a disclaimer for tarot readings:

It is necessary to inform you that although a tarot reading can be used for spiritual growth and personal development it is for entertainment purposes only. However accurate you may think the reading is, a tarot reading does not replace professional services and it is therefore advised that you should consult Medical/Legal/Business Opinion.

What you decide to do with the information that you are given, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice.

By using this service you confirm that you are over 18 and that you understand and agree with these terms.

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Discover Infinite Possibilities through the Quantum Realms. 

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