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Ascension Pyramid
Solar Cross
Metatron Pyramid
Etheric Weavers
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Healing with Pyramids


Healing treatments combine Therapy Meditation with the use of pure crystal Etheric Weavers. 


The pyramids are Geometric structures that contain an incredible energy that is used to aid the bodies natural healing ability.  


Many people find that this ancient method of Energy transference can help:

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Improve health

  • Mental clarity

  • Bring harmony & balance to relationships

  • To have a greater awareness of self

  • Open up telepathic communication 

  • Give a deep sense of happiness and well-being

  • Understand what is life itself


When a person has  Pyramid & Soul Therapy, this helps the flow of energy from the divine source to really connect to the heart, enabling compassion & love for our souls. Once we have established peace within, the process of freeing the body from old patterns  & releasing negative emotions can begin. 


Pyramids are believed by some as being a gateway to eternal life maintaining a harmonious flow of universal energy. 


I have used the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Pyramids for many years now,  they are like sacred temples for the Soul with a beautiful heavenly flow.

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Pyramid Healing & Soul Therapy

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Etheric Weavers

The Etheric Weaver is used to transmit Healing & Spiritual Blessings.

Soul Therapy

Meditation under a Metatron Pyramid on  mat holding 2 Vajras

Metatrons Mat

A Metatron mat using Vajra's & Etheric Weavers

Solar Cross

 Buddha Maitreyas Solar Cross is used for healing, clearing & transformation

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