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Discovering the Invisible Healing Entities ...


Many people have been asking me lately about my Spiritual Journeys, Divine Evidence and how this helped me with my Healing practice.

This has inspired me to start writing a blog to share a few of my experiences, along with some of the ancient wisdom which helped me in the understanding of who I am as a being on this planet and how we are all particles of this Sacred Geometry.

One of the most meaningful places I re-visited was Abadiania, a Brazilian town in the countryside in which John of God (also known as Medium Joào) resides. It was in 2012 during the Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition in London, I noticed a stand promoting trips to see John of God with Gail Thackray, it was like a magnet to my heart as I had been wanting to visit this world-renowned healer for so long. Without hesitation, after returning home to Italy, I signed up for this amazing journey.

When I arrived at "Villas Antònio" and met the rest of the group, there was such a sensation of being surrounded by unity, warmth and respect; bringing about an understanding of "Oneness".

Casa de Dom Inàcìo Gardens

Just a short walk away from the villa was Casa de Dom Inàcìo, this is an extraordinary Healing centre with hundreds of people passing through daily. It has beautiful gardens, sacred areas, a great hall, a shop selling the most magnificent crystals, a cafe, soup kitchen and lots of private rooms for crystal bed treatments.

Whilst strolling around the gardens in awe of this magical place, full of vibrant coloured flowers and fresh fragrant aromas, I felt an intense wave of love & light with a profound sense of peace.

John of God is there every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday except for holidays. The Casa is open every day with no charge to go in, all you pay is a small fee for the herbs, but you can choose to leave a donation in one of their appreciation boxes.

There was a dress code whilst John of God was in The Casa; Everyone should present themselves in white clothing, and sleep in white clothing after Spiritual Surgery.

Meeting Medium Joào left me feeling so honoured and grateful for who I am. I had the privilege of being able to watch him perform spiritual surgery in the great hall before joining one of the lines to hand him my healing requests.

The realization then set in "This is for Real”, removing tumours from people standing up using only what they call spiritual anaesthetic, spirits working through John of God to cure others, to put it simply "this was definitely a place of miracles".

Platform where John of God did visual spiritual surgery

After presenting my request a prescription was scribbled out for me to have 3 crystal bed sessions, a visit to the sacred waterfall, herbs and spiritual healing. So for the rest of that day and the following morning, I had my crystal bed sessions, again this was very unique, the energy from the entities had started to align and prepare me for my Healing session with John of God.

The divine energy I experienced from the entities during and after my Spiritual Healing was phenomenal. As these sessions are so powerful, everyone is advised to get a taxi back to their accommodation and spend 24 hours in bed ... that was not without food, our meals were brought our our rooms.

By doing what was asked of me, I was able to feel a connection with the beautiful rays of light working on all aspects of my being. Fortunately for me, a lot of old baggage I had been carrying around with me for years, was then cleared.

At this point, I had started to take the herbs which are passiflora leaves, energized by the entities working through John of God specifically for each individual. The herbs are made in capsule form that makes it easy to transport and digest.

Strict guidelines were given to all to follow for 40 days whilst taking these herbs; “No spicy food, No alcohol, No pork and No Sex”.

The food in The Casa and surrounding restaurants all consisted of healthy options, so during my time there I was not led into temptation, except for purchasing a few of the powerful crystals & necklaces from which a lot of people have since benefited from.

Everyone drank the blessed water during their stay.

Those who had Spiritual Surgery had then to remember that after a week, whether they were at home or still in the villa had what was called a "white night" in which you would be required to have a glass of blessed water by your bed and be dressed in white. The entities would then come to do a check up. There was one lady who really awaited her White Knight in shining armor to appear to her ... there was a slight misunderstanding with translation, which was quite amusing.

A photo taken with John of God after the last session on the last day of our trip
A photo with Medium Joào (John of God)

What especially touched me, was being able to spend some time in the current rooms, meditating and holding the energy with many others during the 3 days that Medium Joào was working at The Casa. The astonishment from seeing the face of Jesus in front of me along with every cell in my body sensing beautiful frequencies of loving energy, left me feeling extremely grateful for the life I live.

On visiting the Sacred Waterfall, as the water flowed over me it really gave me the impression of purification, it was quite surreal with harmonious whispers from the surrounding elements of nature. This was one of the places that we were not allowed to take photographs.

The Sacred Waterfall are not shown, but are located in the part of the Countryside
The countryside around The Casa di Dom Inàcìo

The sunrise and sunsets were spectacular with a spectrum of rainbow light giving an impression that we all need faith to be able to enjoy the magnificence of the planet.

Abadiania has a special place in my heart, every visit helped me in a lot of different ways.

Everyone from all walks of life go to visit Medium Joào in this little Brazilian town for their own healing experience, a reminder of this is when I observed a room full of crutches, walking sticks & wheelchairs no longer needed, people had been able to stand on their on two feet and walk away unaided.

To what I signed up for in this lifetime, this was a guiding light, redirecting me onto the right pathway to understanding my true soul purpose and opening up my heart to what really makes up happy.

The triangle at Casa de Dom Inàcìo were people would but their photos & messages of healing & say prayers whilst touching the triangle
The Triangle represents Faith, Love & Charity

For anyone who is interested in visiting John of God, I would definitely recommend that you get in touch with Gail Thackray, she organises visits with Roberto Pellegrino – Estrich who has lived in Abadiania for many years and has lots of inside knowledge to share.

For more information visit:

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