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Christine Williams

 Holistic Treatments & Energy Healing


5th Dimensional Healing - 

30 mins   €55.00

I am now offering 5th Dimensional Healing in person or you may book distance healing sessions. 5th Dimensional Healing enables me to operate in a higher dimension of consciousness, intelligence & awareness ... A flow of divine love, vibration healing, energy & light then helps to heal & restore all the cells throughout the body. It can also open up our hearts to obtaining a deeper appreciation of who we are.

Reconnective Healing Sessions - 

30 mins   €55.00

Instead of Reiki Treatments, I channel a very pure and powerful frequency of love & light energies. This method of helping the body to heal is a powerful experience, which is preventative as well as curative.

Reconnective Healing® sessions and The Reconnection® - for further information and costs please visit:
Tibetan Journey -

30 mins €40.00                                                                                                         Sound healing using Himalayan Bowls & tuning forks can promote wellness throughout the body, we communicate with sound and it is one of the oldest forms of healing.

Reflexology  -

50 mins €60.00                                                                                                              This is an ancient technique of treating the whole body by a pressure point massage on the feet, helping promote healing throughout the body.

Eastern Reflexology using Moxa  -

50 min €60.00                                                                                                             

This is a relaxing treatment with heat working its way into the body through the feet using a Moxa roll, helping promote healing throughout the body. 


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UNIVERSAL SPHERE - This is a distance/remote method of sending cosmic energies to help resolve & heal all different types of situations.

When booking an appointment could you please inform us of any allergies or physical challenges. 


Smoking is not permitted and we appreciate you turning off your cell phone whilst you are receiving treatments, inside the wellness rooms or in any outside workshop area.

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